Marc Wortmann Consultancy

Strategy and Governance

  • Strategic advice concerning patient involvement and advocacy
  • How to define your mission, vision and objectives as an organization
  • Creation of a strategic plan
  • Organizational structure and growth
  • Evolving towards a more professional organization from an organization of mainly volunteers
  • Working as a national association with regional/local chapters and with volunteers


  • How to work with governments and policy makers at national, regional and local level to make dementia a priority in their policies
  • Developing facts and figures about your issue
  • How to become a strong advocate: do’s and don’ts
  • Building alliances


  • Support in fundraising for non-profit associations and foundations, especially those that work in the area of dementia or other non-communicable diseases
    • Developing Case for Support for your organization
    • Annual giving by members or donors
    • Legacy fundraising
    • Major donors and grant applications
    • Event fundraising
    • Crowdfunding
  • For those organizations that hardly have any experience in fundraising
    • Quick scan of your organization: governance, registration as NGO, basics for becoming a reliable partner for donors
    • Strategic plan development: what is your vision and mission as organization; key objectives for next 3-5 years; how to make it happen in daily activities
    • Fundraising for resources
    • Templates for grant applications and project funding